Workforce Development & Continuing Education’



Why Choose Workforce Development?

  • Student support services – psychotherapy, psychosocial support
  • Affordability – from $259,160 per year accompanied by flexible payment arrangements
  • Certificate courses from $23,000
  • Accessibility – Blended approach to delivery, Microsoft Teams Platforms for synchronous/live sessions, Moodle VLE for assessments and electronic knapsack, Multiple approaches to matriculate into the programmes, contactless business services (online application, online payment, online registration)
  • Academic Advisory System, Student Leaders Network, Student Management System (iSIMS)
  • Multiple Conference Rooms for student presentations


Associate Degree Requirements


  • You may enter the programme with 5 subjects including English and Math, and 3 others. If you do not have Math, you are allowed to take Foundation Concept Math 1 and 2 in the first 2 semesters. If you do not have English, you are allowed to take Foundations in English 1 and 2 in the first 2 semesters.
  • Alternatives to Math and English (City & Guilds, College courses Foundation Concept Math 1 and 2, Foundations in English 1 & 2)


  • Applicants may be assessed for entry using the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)
  • Minimum of 2 CSEC subjects or equivalent needed
  • Must be over the age of twenty-five (25), with a minimum five (5) years work experience
  • Portfolio documenting work experience, and professional development courses, awards, voluntary service, goals and objectives
  • NVQJ level 3 and level 4 qualifications may also be assessed for entry
  • Individual applications for mature entry are assessed on a case-by-case basis through the CCCJ


(All Programmes will have a learn more button which takes them to the page on the website that will provide more information on the course)


NB: To be accepted into a B.Sc. program a student must have an A.Sc. in a relevant field usually from the CCCJ institutions or an affiliated tertiary institution.

A.Sc. Health and Wellness Tourism Careers:  Health and Wellness Coach, Lifestyle Coach, Customer Service Health Representative, Health Care Industry Assistant (Spa Facilty and Hotel Spa)

B.Sc. Plant Science Careers: Agronomist, Landscaper, Horticulturalist, Entomologist, Soil Scientist, Biochemist, Crop Consultant, Botanist, Farm Manager, Agricultural Engineer and Irrigation Specialist

Entry requires a A.Sc. in a related field of Agriculture from CCCJ  or CASE.

A.Sc. Agriculture Technology Careers: Landscape and Horticulture Technician, Greenhouse Technician, Asst. Farm Manager, Extension Officer, Agricultural Sales Agent, Livestock Technician, Farm Equipment Maintenance Technician, Farm Equipment Operator

A.Sc. Agro-Processing Careers: Production Supervisor, Inventory Supervisor, Purchasing Officer, Distribution Officer, Food Technologist, Nutrition Coach, Warehouse Supervisor  and Production Assistant.

ASc. and B.Sc. in Business Administration Careers: Financial services, Banking, Accounting, Auditing, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Logistics, Hospitality, Customer Services

A.Sc. and B.Sc. in Hospitality and Tourism Careers in: Culinary Arts, Hotel Services, Hospitality Management, Customer Service Delivery, Hospitality Training.

  1. Asc. And Bsc in Social Work careers: Social Worker, Social Welfare Officer, Child Development Officer, Elderly Care, Social Care Services, Counselor, Psychologist, Mediation Officer, Career Coach.
  2. Asc and Bsc in MIS careers in: Computer Systems Administrator, Search Engine Optimisation Specialist, information Security Analyst, App Developer, Data scientist, Software Engineer

Associate of Science in Architecture and Construction Technology careers in: Architect,

Building Inspector, Construction Manager, Contract Administrator, Cost Estimator, Field Engineer, Heavy Equipment Operator, Job Expeditor, Building Design, Draughtsman.

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