Arts, Natural & Social Sciences

The Arts, Natural & Social Sciences faculty collaborates with the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) in offering a number of Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Associate Degrees.

Hospitality, Tourism & Creative Studies

This faculty offers a variety of programmes in Hospitality Training. The programmes prepare students for jobs in the Hospitality and related industries, Clothing and Fashion, Health as well as for advanced studies in the fields..

Business & General Studies

The faculty of Business & General Studies specializes in providing students with the requisite knowledge and skills required for managing a business in an ever changing world. Graduates are equipped with both the theoretical and practical knowledge which will enable them to become entrepreneurs and or move on to further studies.

Computer & Technical Studies

This faculty provides training for students in Information Technology, Architecture and Engineering. The Department aims to provide learning opportunities that will prepare graduates for further education and the workforce. 


Workforce Development & Continuing Studies

The Workforce Development and Continuing Education Department is entrusted with the responsibility to recruit, manage and guide Western Jamaica’s adults. Short courses, Associate and Bachelor’s degree programs empower our students with industry-relevant human capital.


Sixth Form Pathway II Programme (CAP)

The Sixth Form Pathway II Programme (SFP2P), formerly the Career Advancement Programme, is geared towards providing skills-based training for recent high school graduates who have financial constraints or those who are not academically inclined.