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Partnerships and Outreach

Partnerships and outreach initiatives play a pivotal role in the holistic development and community engagement efforts of Montego Bay Community College (MBCC). Through collaborative endeavors, MBCC fosters meaningful connections with various stakeholders, enriching both the college experience and the broader community. The Library Staff at MBCC spearheads an impactful outreach program, extending its resources and donations to the West Haven Children’s Home. This partnership instills a sense of empathy and social responsibility among MBCC students, faculty, and staff.
Moreover, students at MBCC actively contribute to the community through their own outreach projects, showcasing their dedication to making a positive difference beyond the confines of the campus. These initiatives encompass a diverse range of endeavors, including environmental conservation efforts, literacy programs, and initiatives to support marginalized groups. By engaging in such projects, MBCC students not only apply their academic knowledge in real-world settings but also cultivate essential skills in leadership, teamwork, and civic engagement.
Furthermore, MBCC recognizes the significance of forging partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and government agencies to expand opportunities for its students and contribute to the socio-economic development of the region. Through these collaborations, MBCC facilitates internships, participation in run/walks for charity, job placements, and experiential learning opportunities, empowering students to gain practical skills and professional experience while serving the needs of the community. By nurturing a culture of partnership and outreach, Montego Bay Community College reinforces its commitment to fostering social responsibility, civic engagement, and lifelong learning among its students and the wider community.