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International Students



Nationals of CARICOM countries as well as citizens of all Commonwealth Countries are allowed entry to Jamaica without a student visa.


Prospective students of non-Commonwealth Countries must obtain a valid student visa prior to entry into Jamaica. Such persons should make their request at the nearest Jamaican Diplomatic Mission or Consulate in their homeland.

Before traveling to Jamaica, you should ensure that your passport is valid to cover at least the period up to the end of the academic year. You should also travel with proof of your student status (that is, a Student ID card) or if a new student, with the official Letter of Offer from the College. At the airport you will be issued a temporary visitor’s visa.  After entry, the student is required to obtain an Extension of Stay and visa.  To do so, the student must visit the Extension Office of the Passport Immigration & Citizenship Agency office along with a status letter addressed to the Chief Executive Officer (stamped and duly signed by the Principal of the College) as well as the appropriate processing fee.  For further information on this process, contact should be made with the Passport Immigration & Citizenship Agency office, Overton Plaza, Montego Bay, St. James.


Students of Jamaican parentage may obtain an “unconditional” stamp in their passport by visiting the Extension office of the Passport Immigration & Citizenship Agency office in Kingston, Jamaica.  Such students must present proof of their Jamaican parentage (i.e. their birth certificate AND their parent’s birth certificate/or parent’s valid Jamaican Passport) and the relevant processing fee at the Extension office.  For further information on this process, contact should be made with the Passport Immigration & Citizenship Agency office, Overton Plaza, Montego Bay, St. James. Once the stamp is obtained, it must be presented to the Registry in order for the student’s account to be billed appropriately for the subsidized tuition fees.


Non-Jamaican students, who have not obtained an “unconditional” stamp in their passport, must pay the full, unsubsidized cost of their education. This amount is 1.5 times the normal ancillary fee, plus other additions to the school fees.


Applicants with international qualifications will need to get their qualifications assessed by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) located in Kingston. The website is www.ucj.org.jm. and contact number 929-7299.  

Original transcripts and other supporting documents should be taken to the UCJ by the applicant.  The applicant will need to be there in person as he/she must attend a brief interview with the Research Officer (Ms. Janine Scott).  The cost for the assessment is about $4,500.00JMD and the processing time ranges from five (5) to fifteen (15) working days once all required documents are received. 

Applicants will need to download an application form from the UCJ’s website, which they must complete and take along for the interview.  UCJ offers an express service, however this attracts an additional cost and conditions apply.  Once the assessment is completed, applicants will receive a telephone call to collect same.  The evaluation will be in a letter form.  If the applicant cannot return to collect it, someone else can do so provided that the applicant gives them a letter of authorization signed by him/her and the person collecting the document has a valid photo-ID.  

The UCJ’s original assessment letter along with a copy, the completed application form and all other required documents as outlined on the application form are to be submitted to the College.