Sixth Form Pathway II Programme

Sixth Form Pathway II Programme (SFP2P) / Career Advancement Programme

The Sixth Form Pathway II Programme (SFP2P), formerly the Career Advancement Programme, is geared towards providing skills-based training for recent high school graduates. 

There are three (3) Level 2 skill areas available to choose from, namely: Cosmetology, Customer Engagement and Marketing. The programme runs for an academic year, from September to June, and upon completion, students sit a final assessment with HEART NSTA Trust where if deemed competent, they will receive their level 2 certification. 

A field trip is mandated for each skill area to broaden their knowledge. The BPO sector has been very helpful in the past with accommodating our Customer Engagement students. The National Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists plays a very important role in the Cosmetology programme. The Marketing students have been privileged to visit Pepsi, where they were able to see how the plant was run as well as the distribution and marketing aspects of its operations.

To be qualified for the SFP2P, students are required to have a minimum of 1 CXC subject.