The Westmoreland Campus  offers a wide range or academic and professional programmes ranging from Certificates to Associate Degrees.

You will soon discover after coming to the College that our greatest strength is in the quality of our teaching  faculty and the  excellent rapport between faculty and students. This leads to effective and efficient delivery of lessons.

The wide range of co- curricular activities at the College provides an avenue for the students to display their talent, build character, and foster their holistic development.

Frome Campus. Bachelor’s Degree Programs: Associate Degree Programs: Short Certificate  Programs:

Bachelor of Science in Business Studies

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Certificate in Office Management

Certified Accounting Technician

Certification in Computer Technology

Certificate in Early Childhood Education (NCTVET)

Certificate in Allied Heath Care - Practical Nursing (NCTVET)

Certificate in Food and beverage Management

Certificate in Pre-Engineering

Associate degree in Business Studies

Associate of Science Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Associate Degree in library technical studies  

Associate of Science Degree in Management Information Systems

Associate Degree in Natural Sciences (Candidates may choose 3 of the following CAPE subjects Mathematics, Chemistry  or Geography, Biology, Physics, Environmental Science.)

Nursing programme:

Enrolled Assistant Nurse (Collaboration with the Nursing Council of Jamaica)

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