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How to apply for a Transcript:

INSTRUCTIONS – Please read this information very carefully before requesting your transcript. All financial obligations to the Montego Bay Community College must be satisfied before a transcript will be released. The processing of an application for an official transcript usually takes TEN (10) working days (excluding public holidays celebrated in Jamaica) provided that:

  1. All relevant and correct information required to facilitate the generation of the transcript have been provided on the transcript form. DO NOT LEAVE ANY BLANKS. Enter N/A if not applicable. Transcript forms can be downloaded and printed from our website or can be collected at our office.
  2. The transcript processing fee has been paid and proof of payment submitted to the cashier window. Payments can also be made at any NCB Bank branch or via online transfer). The processing fees are:

Unofficial Transcript $500.00 JMD per transcript Local Official Transcript $1,000.00 JMD per transcript International Official Transcripts $1,500.00 JMD per transcript 3. Financial clearance to start the process has been given. The transcript will not be released until the account is paid in full and financial clearance given. 4. The name and full mailing address/ email address of the receiving institution have been furnished. There is NO express service or express service fee for the processing of the transcript request. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Official transcripts which bear the original signature of the VP Academic, the signature of the Registrar and the official Seal of the College are normally sent “institution to institution”, i.e. directly to the receiving institution but can be collected once ready. The person requesting the transcript MUST provide the name and the mailing address/email address of the institution to which the transcript is to be sent. Failure to comply with all the requirements will result in the transcript not being prepared and/or released. Please note also that official paper transcripts are sent by registered mail unless otherwise requested for delivery via courier service, which must be paid for prior to the transcript being dispatched. The Montego Bay Community College has no way of tracking or expediting the delivery of a transcript sent by registered mail once it has been delivered to the Jamaica Post. If you chose to send your transcript via courier service, you will be required to pay the courier fee which is separate and apart from the processing fees. For international transcripts, we use the services of FedEx. Courier fees are dependent on the mailing address given for the transcript and exchange rates. Transcripts that are to be sent via courier service CANNOT be delivered to Post Office boxes. Full addresses which would include street addresses, must be provided in these cases. By utilizing the courier service, tracking may be done online from the point of dispatch to delivery destination/recipient. As mentioned above, transcript processing fees can be paid at the cashier OR to the following NCB account at any NCB branch or online transfer. Account name: Montego Bay Community College Ancillary Account Account number: 432276627 Branch: St James St Name of Bank: National Commercial Bank *************************************** To access transcript forms for download and printing, please click here.Completed transcript request forms can be dropped off at the College OR the form and a picture of the proof of payment can be sent via email to for processing to begin. Queries concerning the status of your transcript request may be sent to this email address as well wp26cf7e82_06Download Transcript Application Form…

Montego Bay Community College Code of Conduct

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Montego Bay Community College Confidential Referee Report Form

We will no longer accept completed hard copies of the Confidential Referee Report Forms from our applicants. Instead, the form should be downloaded from this website, completed by the Principal of the last school attended (for applicants who recently graduated) OR current employer (for applicants who are employed) and emailed to the College at

Applicants, please notify your school and employers to visit this website to access the form and complete it on your behalf.

Principals and employers, please click the link below to access a copy of the electronic Confidential Referee Report Form which we ask that you download, fill in and return to us via the email address stated above. Please complete a separate form for each new applicant. This form is NOT to be delivered to or emailed to the applicant.

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CCCJ Handbook

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