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The department of Continuing Education and Workforce Development believes in the holistic development of learners by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to capitalize on local and global opportunities. Through our accredited Associate and Bachelor's degree and specialized certificate courses learners can improve their marketability by becoming qualified,certified and fully prepared to make meaningful contributions to personal and societal development. We are in the business of lifelong learning so become a part of the family as we create opportunities through workforce development.

Workforce Development & Continuing Education. Bachelor’s Degree Programs: Associate Degree Programs: Short Certificate  Programs:

Bachelor of Science in Business Studies

Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems

Advanced Cake Baking and Decorating (10 weeks)

Autocad (10 weeks)

Baking Technology (10 weeks)

Conversational Spanish (10 weeks)

Customer Service (10 weeks)

Garment Construction & Soft Furnishing (10 weeks)

Interior Decorating (10 weeks)

International Cuisine (10 weeks)

Introduction to Information Technology (10 weeks)

Associate Degree in Agricultural Technology

Associate Degree in Architecture & Construction Technology

Associate degree in Business Studies

Associate Degree in Engineering Technology

Associate of Science Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Associate Degree in library technical studies  

Associate of Science in paralegal studies

Associate of Science Degree in Management Information Systems

Associate of Science in Social Work

Associate of Science Degree in Funeral Service & Mortuary Science

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