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Application Procedure:


You MUST complete an online application ALONG with a hardcopy application form.

You may download an application form below or visit the College to access a copy. Please note that our application processing fee was recently reduced to $700.00 and must be paid at the College.


After you complete the online application, you will need to record your application ID number on the front cover of the hard copy application form in the space provided. This ID will be generated after you have submitted your online application.  Again, please refer to the back of the application form for instructions on how to apply online. 

Once you have done the online application and completed the hard copy application form, you will need to write submit the form to the College along with the following:

  1. Certificates for examination results already obtained – 1 copy and the original for verification. (Applicants with overseas high school qualifications which are not listed among the requirements for entry must have their qualifications assessed by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ). The UCJ assessment must be submitted along with their applications.)
  2. Two (2) recent passport size photographs
  3. Completed Confidential Report (must be submitted in a sealed envelope that is stamped by the person who completed the form.  A copy can be downloaded from below.)
  4. One (1) letter of recommendation (in addition to Confidential Report; both should not be from the same person)
  5. One (1) copy of birth certificate and the original for verification
  6. One (1) copy of marriage certificate/deed poll (if applicable) and the original for verification
  7. One (1) copy of Immunization Card and the original for verification
  8. One (1) copy of Tax Registration Number (TRN) and the original for verification

N.B. Students applying to the Associate of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management, the Associate of Science in Culinary Arts, the Associate of Science in Health and Wellness Tourism and the Certificate in Culinary Arts MUST submit a valid Food Handler’s Permit.

  • The $700.00 processing fee is non-refundable.
  • All documents submitted become the property of the College.
  • The next step in the application process is to attend the General Information sessions.  At the sessions, you will be advised of your interview date and time.  Please refer to the Important Dates and Deadlines page found in the application booklet (available at the College) for the dates on which the General Information sessions will be held.
  • At the interview, you will be told if you are accepted.  If you are accepted, your Letter of Acceptance will include information on fees for the programme you have been selected to pursue.

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Montego Bay Community College Confidential Referee Report Form

We will no longer accept completed hard copies of the Confidential Referee Report Forms from our applicants.  Instead, the form should be downloaded from this website, completed by the Principal of the last school attended (for applicants who recently graduated) OR current employer (for applicants who are employed) and emailed to the College at

Applicants, please notify your school and employers to visit this website to access the form and complete it on your behalf.

Principals and employers, please click the link below to access a copy of the electronic Confidential Referee Report Form which we ask that you download, fill in and return to us via the email address stated above.  Please complete a separate form for each new applicant. This form is NOT to be delivered to or emailed to the applicant.

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Montego Bay Community College Code of Conduct

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