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The Montego Bay Community College is a dynamic tertiary institution in Western Jamaica meeting the needs for effective, efficient, and economical delivery of quality tertiary level education.

The institution has four academic departments which offer a wide range of academic programmes namely: Bachelor Degrees, Associate Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificate Programmes in Business, Computer & Technical Studies as well as Hospitality, Health & Creative Studies.  

Montego Bay Community College is a government owned institution, and comprises two campuses; the main campus is located in Montego Bay and the second campus is located in Frome, Westmoreland. Many programmes offered by the college are offered on both campuses.

Montego Bay Community College is located at Alice Eldemire Drive in Montego Bay.The college was established in 1975 as a sixth form college based on the campuses of Mount Alvernia High School, Montego Bay High School and Cornwall College. Since the schools individually had very small sixth forms, the college was established to make optimum use of limited resources. Each campus offered a particular set of subjects and students were stationed according to the set of subjects that they were studying. The students continued to wear the uniforms of their former schools even when stationed on other campuses. Sometimes students had to commute between different campuses because their chosen subjects were not offered in combination on a single campus. This situation was of course, untenable. Therefore, in September 1978, the college moved to its present location at Alice Eldemire Drive.

Business Studies and Architectural Technology were added to the programme offerings and the evening school started. In July 1979, its first graduating class consisted of seventy one students. Among them was Yvette Lemonias, winner of the JamaicaScholarship for girls that year.

Mrs. Olive Lewis was the first acting principal of the college under whose short tenure the college was initially organized at its present location. Mrs. Ivy Townsend who became principal shortly after, writing in the first edition of The Courier, a Montego Bay Community College magazine published in 1979, recalls the early years of the college paying tribute to the principals of the high schools which originally housed the college and goes on to vividly describe the teething pains experienced at Alice Eldemire Drive:

The task of the college started at its Freeport site, fell to Mrs. Olive Lewis, first acting Principal. At short notice Mrs. Lewis recruited staff – (two full time teachers and a team of part timers), enrolled students and made arrangements to begin classes on September 18, 1978. Amid the sound of hammers, saws, concrete mixers and the chatter of workmen, classes began in three classrooms for the upper sixth formers, who were transferred from the three high schools.

Later, as space became available, students were enrolled for Secretarial Studies, Business Studies and Architectural Technology. Our Lower Sixth form students were based at Cornwall College and we must thank Dr D. Stokes for undertaking responsibility for these students. The school then had a total enrolment of 242 students, nine full time lecturers and some part time teachers.

Next academic year, the College planned to introduce Food and Beverage Management, Clothing and Fashion, Hotel Management and Arts and Craft. The plan was to enroll about 380-400 students who would all be based at the Freeport site.

Mission Statement

Montego Bay Community College is among the leading tertiary level institutions in Western Jamaica. Through strong leadership, a culture of research, excellent customer service, and quality delivery using modern technology, we will satisfy the changing needs of the community for highly competent, innovative and socially responsible agents of transformation.

We will collaborate with other institutions and stakeholders to provide relevant and affordable programmes while fostering the holistic development of our students in a safe, caring environment.

Our Vision

We are committed to being the University College of choice providing world class multi-disciplinary education and training for lifelong learning satisfying the needs of a dynamic global marketplace.

The Early Years

MBCC core values are the shared values that underpin our work as an institution and our relationships with staff, students and other stakeholders. They form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.

Excellence – Excellence permeates everything we do the service we offer and the way we work together to achieve our objectives

Team Work – We are committed to maintaining a positive work environment in which there is participative decision making, trust and open communication in a supportive environment based on teamwork

Respect – We listen to each other and treat each other as we would like to be treated, with due respect to self and others.

Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions that influence the achievement of our goals and the lives of our students, co-workers, and other stakeholders

Integrity – We are honest with each other in all areas of our work. Professionalism is a hallmark of the way we conduct ourselves.

Civic responsibility – We prepare our students to be responsible citizens who are sensitive toward the needs of their communities. Students are empowered to create social change and to take active leadership roles in their communities

Caring – We show empathy for each other and provide encouragement and practical assistance to support each other.

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